Ryan Grantham

CrossFit Coach

  • Coaching Experience: 6 Years
  • Words to Live By: Let er rip!
  • Favorite Movement:
  • If You Were an Ice Cream Flavor, What Would It Be?:

CrossFit, the sport of fitness, first caught my attention when I realized my daily workouts in the traditional gym were lacking the type of results I wanted. I grew up playing all kinds of sports; any team sport imaginable, racing motocross, competing in triathlons, you name it. I thought I was in amazing shape then I heard of this crazy thing called CrossFit. I still remember the feeling after my first attempt at a CrossFit WOD and it was not pretty! That was when I learned what this sport is capable of. With one WOD I knew CrossFit would show me I could achieve things I thought my body was not previously capable of doing.

My favorite part about CrossFit is the fact that it is a great fitness program for everyone, from the completely unfit to the elitist athlete. CrossFit is scalable for all ages and physical conditions. All it takes is the willingness to give it a try, and once you do, you’ll gain a new respect for what your body can do. Whether it’s getting that one unassisted pull-up or snatching a weight you thought impossible, all the coaches at CFH will work to help you reach that goal.

The opportunity to work with people through CrossFit is very rewarding. In the box all you need is the willingness to learn and the physical boundaries you thought existed will be a thing of the past. The coaches, the community, and the box will provide an environment that will make it easy to improve not only your fitness but also your life!

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