InBody Body Composition Analysis

At the beginning of 2017, CFH acquired an InBody Body Composition analyzer. Anyone who wants to use it can get a scan which will provide a host of useful information like body weight, lean muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body fat and percent body fat.  If this seems too fancy or over your head do not worry, a coach will explain it all after your scan.

You can get one scan for $45, or if you want to do a before and after scan the cost is $70 for two. Purchase your scan(s) by clicking this link. Once your order comes through, we will reach out about scheduling your scan.

Below is an example of the results sheet you will get from your scan. This is an amazing tool that is highly accurate.  It will reveal numbers that can be very frustrating if you are just measuring progress via a scale.  This will give you a look behind the curtain to see how your body weight is distributed.  Each scan comes with a 10-15 minutes goal setting session.  We will help you read the scan and talk about a few best practices to get you the results you are seeking.

All this data is tracked and stored in the scanner.  So when you come back for your next scan the data from all previous scans is there.  How sweet would it be to measure lean muscle mass over the corse of 2-3 years of doing CrossFit? This machine will allow us to track numbers like that.

We have heard a few people say “Ugh that would be so embarrassing, I do not want to know those numbers.”  Look, you are where you are.  This is a tool to help you, not discourage you.  Imagine if you had this scan when you first stepped into CFH.  The progress you could see and measure would be amazing. It is about establishing a baseline and giving you something to work for!

One other cool thing we are offering.  If you are a nutrition or personal training client you get one scan per month at no extra charge.  It is our way of saying thanks for trusting us and using our extra services.

If you are ready to make it happen use this link. Once your order comes through, we will reach out about scheduling your scan.



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