Carolyn G.

I have been a member for 3 years, but started actually doing it consistently a little over a year ago. I wanted a way to get healthy and feel better about myself that I would commit to. My first month was terrifying. The movements were things that I had never done before or ever thought I would be able to do. But everyone was really nice and encouraging, even when I had no clue what I was doing.

So much has changed about me since starting Crossfit. I found a healthy way to lose 30lbs and gain muscle. Crossfit has become a place that I can get a break from the stress of everything else in life. The community of people in the gym creates a fun and energizing atmosphere that you just want to keep going back to. So many skills that seemed impossible that I can do now. A clean and jerk, snatch, and kip are just a few. I had never really looked at a barbell before Crossfit, so all movements with a barbell were very intimidating to learn. Any gymnastics movements we do are still tough for me but I am slowly getting better at them. Learning and working on new movements is challenging but so much fun, it always feels amazing when you are finally able to do something you once thought you would never do.

I have gained so much more from this gym than just weight loss. I have always wanted to feel strong and confident in myself and this gym has given me a way to gain that strength and confidence. The relationships I have built here keep me coming back. The coaches make the workouts fun and do an amazing job of keeping the community feeling in the gym present. They encourage and push you when they know you are able to do more, they help you scale when you need it and they make you feel welcome in the gym no matter what your skill level is. I can honestly say that the relationship and trust I have built with Kelsea and Geo through their coaching and genuine interest in your well-being are what sold me on this gym and kept me coming even when the workouts seemed impossible.

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