Sarah F.

“I have been doing Crossfit since the Fall 2020 (yes, 2020)! I moved to Federal Hill in the middle of the pandemic and was looking for a community, as well as a place to exercise. I had always been an athlete and spent all my life playing team sports. When “adulthood” hit, I was looking for a similar environment. Industry Athletics has played a huge role in Baltimore feeling like home.

At the beginning, I had major doubts. I spent the first month primarily using the empty bar. But everyone (keeping their 6-feet at the time) was so friendly and encouraging! I remember Coach Laura showing me what kipping was in my foundations class and thinking “What did I get myself into?”. But here I am a year and a lot of practice later, kipping. I have seen and felt major muscle gains and improvement. My big win was going from zero pull ups to sets of 5 or 10! But beyond the numbers of weight lifted or push ups finished, I have never felt stronger or more capable in my own skin. 

Overall, I cannot express how much the community of IA CFH has impacted me. I love the “IM SO PROUD OF YOU” from Kelsea after class, the form checks and encouragement from Geo, the extra hints and tips from Chris, the sweet check-ins with Laura, and all of our awesome coaches!! IA has helped me fall in love with exercising and provides me with a stellar atmosphere to push myself to improve. 

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