Trish A.

I have been doing CrossFit for about eight months. I had recently returned from serving in the Peace Corps where I did not have access to a gym and was eager to get back into shape. I have always loved to play team sports and was looking for a form of exercise that would really challenge me while also having a strong sense of community.

I remember struggling bigtime with a lot of the movements early on and working primarily with an empty bar for a while. Being at the gym was a very humbling experience and wearing a face mask hid a lot of my frustration. I remember Coach Kelsea telling me to keep working hard and one day I would look back and be really proud of my progress. She was one hundred percent right.

I have gained a new sense of confidence and a growth mindset since beginning Crossfit. I have felt myself become physically stronger and much tougher mentally. I have failed a lot during classes with different weights and movements, and thanks to positive feedback from coaches, I now see these failures as opportunities to improve.

I had never been able to do pull ups before. After working on different exercises and scaled versions of the movement consistently for a while, I decided to give them another try.  I surprised myself and was able to do a few reps. It was the best feeling.

My overall habits have changed since starting crossfit. I began attending the 5:30 AM classes once schools reopened and I returned to teaching in the classroom. This early morning class has now become a part of my daily routine and something I look forward to. I had never before considered myself to be a “morning person” but I feel much more focused and productive throughout the day now, as this class sets me up for success.

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