Chris Mate

CrossFit Coach

  • Coaching Experience: 4 Years
  • Words to Live By: TBD
  • Favorite Movement: TBD
  • If You Were an Ice Cream Flavor, What Would It Be?: TBD

I was born and raised in Damascus, Maryland, which was a massive Sports Town. That tended to be the center of everything growing up. I played Football and Wrestled for the majority of my athletic career. After graduating from Salisbury University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and Accounting, I moved to Baltimore for work. I went on to do 2 additional degrees in Finance and Data Analytics from Loyola University Maryland and Cornell University as I jumped around in my Finance career, ultimately landing at Under Armour, a company I felt was perfectly aligned to my personal and professional aspirations.

In 2015, I became bored with the standard workouts I had been doing for as long as I could remember and after seeing the CrossFit Games on ESPN, I decided to give CrossFit a shot. I quickly fell in love with not being good at anything and pushing myself further and further from the things that had become routine. It’s the same thing that still keeps me interested today. Knowing that I have endless room for improvement, and even on my best days, still having exponential amounts of room to grow.

I love coaching because I love watching CFH athletes get something to finally “click” or achieving something that 6 months ago they didn’t think they would ever have the capacity to do. It’s infinitely rewarding. Additionally watching the CFH community grow and change, creating new friendships and relationships is amazing to watch.

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