Michael R.

“I’ve been doing Crossfit for ten years or so. I began my fitness journey at another Baltimore gym before joining CFH in December 2012. Crossfit appealed to me because I was looking for a fitness routine that was varied, challenging and fun rather than running which, over time, became laborious and monotonous.

During the first several months of Crossfit, I recall struggling most with mobility (e.g. squatting) and the physical stamina it took to finish workouts. I also remember Geo and Brian (former coach) constantly stressing the importance of moving properly and scaling when necessary. Over the years, my mobility, strength, stamina and confidence have steadily improved. Additionally, it’s a wonderful stress reducer. Take it from me, as a middle school teacher, the hour at CFH is the best mental vacation anyone could ask for!

When I started Crossfit, I thought double-unders were nearly impossible to achieve, but now I can do them regularly and consistently. I was also intimidated by technical moves, like snatches and split jerks, but now I enjoy working on them. Overall, if you’re contemplating joining the community at CFH, remember the following – #1 Don’t compare yourself to other athletes #2 Stay humble and #3 Trust the process.”

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