Take the Plunge!

We are so excited to announce the addition of our XL commercial cold Plunge tub! Our team has been studying the benefits of cold exposure and have put in a lot of work to get the new recovery space started at CrossFit Federal Hill. Below is a list of our protocol to ensure the Plunge is clean and safe:

  • The Plunge is filled with fresh water using a carbonhose filter.
  • Water is then treated with a non chlorine, non bromine, EPA approved blend for sanitizing, alkalinity and clarity. Water will be treated weekly with this blend.
  • Members should rinse in the shower before plunging. No going from WOD to water. 
  • There will be daily cleanings of the water line and jets and water will be tested multiple times daily via test strips to ensure safety. 
  • There is a filter that runs 24/7 and this filter will be changed monthly. 
  • One to two times per year, the Plunge will be shut down for one day for deep cleaning protocol which involves disconnecting all tubes and the filter for deep cleaning as well as running hot, sanitized water through all channels. 
  • IA staff has all been briefed on this maintenance plan.

IA members can use this link to schedule a free Plunge from now until August 13th.

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