100 mile run!

Join Geo as he runs 100 one mile loops around the gym this October!


On Saturday, October 7th I am going to attempt to run 100 laps around the 1 mile gym loop to celebrate 10 years of owning CrossFit Federal Hill. (It is technically 11, but I was injured last year, so I had to postpone.)

When I tell people I’m going to do this, the first question I usually get is…why? (with an odd look that suggests “that is so stupid.”)

There are a ton of reasons why, but the most basic is to see if I can do it. Can I travel 100 miles on my feet in less than 24 hours? But inside that reason are physical, mental, and emotional reasons for taking this on also. 

I am doing the mile loop around the gym because there is so much significance in this space and in this neighborhood for me. My hope is this will be a time to reflect and soak in the last 10/11 years—and to acknowledge the milestone it is in my life, my family’s life, and hopefully, the lives of all the members who have passed through our doors.

I’m also planning to use this as a fundraiser for The Community of Strength Project, the nonprofit we run out of our gym that gives the youth of inner city Baltimore access to free CrossFit classes. CHECK OUT OUR COSP WEBSITE.

On the fundraising front, I will be creating a video of the event that I hope will be shared throughout the larger CrossFit community. But I could also use some help from you all: I am currently looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor the event. This would be donations between 1k and 10k. So if you know anyone or a business that might be interested—or if you feel comfortable making an introduction to someone who might be interested—please let me know. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

In addition to this larger/corporate sponsorship, the gym will be donating $1 for every mile that is run with me (more info to follow, but you can sign up here: 100 MILE CFH RUN ). As the run nears, there will also be a way for people to make individual donations. 


My plan is to start at 3:30 am and finish around 11:00 pm. I have been training for this. I ran a marathon last weekend, I am running 40 miles this weekend. All this has been accompanied by a ton of other accessory and training work that I hope pays off on race day.

I would be honored for anyone who is reading this or inspired by this to come run a few laps with me. 100 MILE CFH RUN. 

I will be documenting all of this on the IA socials so you can follow along there to stay updated on what mile I am actually on. IA Instagram 

This is crazy!…yes, I realize that. And I am honestly not positive if I can complete it. That is the point. I want to put myself in a situation that will be extremely hard and toe the line of failure, and then see what shakes out. But I’ll never know unless I try. 

As always, this community means the world to me, and I’d be honored if you’d join in any part of this effort—whether by running with me, helping me secure a sponsor, or simply spreading the word. 


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