Advanced Rowing seminar

Coming Sunday, February 12th 10:15am

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IA athlete Ryan Weeks has been rowing for over a decade and has been the head coach of Learn-to-Row programs at Baltimore Community Rowing since 2020 and an assistant coach of the intermediate program since 2018. Ryan’s seminar will focus on advanced rowing technique and drills for CrossFit athletes who are ready to improve their rowing basics.

This seminar will be 2 hours long and follow the below schedule:

20 min: refresher on fundamentals

30-45 min: video review as a group (Athletes will submit 20-30 sec videos of themselves rowing to Ryan by February 8th. This video should be filmed from the side with the camera held long ways.)

15 min: drills focusing on feedback from video

30 min workout incorporating new feedback at higher rate/pressure

($20 fee per athlete)

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