240 Club

CFH is excited to announce the 240 Club class of 2022!

Yifan Luo

Jo Gamble

Ashley Arnett

Kathryn Maitland

Michelle Rack

Mike Fetzer

Sydney Shannon

Trish Auray

These athletes have consistently maintained 20 or more check-ins per month for all 12 months this past year. We are so proud of their commitment to fitness and thankful for their support of the gym. They will each receive an exclusive 240 Club hoodie.

If you are ready to tackle the 240 Club and get in with the 2023 class, it’s time to get to work! Requirements are 20 or more class check-ins per month for all 12 months. Check-ins for open gym do not count and drop-ins to do our programming at another gym or at your home gym do not count. We are happy you want to do our workouts and we love seeing the scores in SugarWOD but, it only counts for 240 Club if you are at CFH.

We’re steppin’ it up for 2023 and looking forward to releasing the next list in January 2024!

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