OUr new cycle begins March 6, 2023!

Now that the CrossFit Open is over, we are ready to launch into our new cycle! Here is what you can expect in classes for the upcoming weeks!

Monday: This will be a higher heart rate type of day. We will have at least one mono structural movement in the mix and add intervals some weeks. They will be long days with less of a strength focus.

Tuesday: Deadlift (lower body pulling) Bench Press (Horizontal Press- high rep, sub max effort.) For the Deadlift Cycle we will be finding a 2 Rep Max.

For our Bench Press we will also find a 2 Rep Max. On most days we will super set deadlift and bench.  So you will do a set of deadlift then a bench press set.

Overall this will be a strength bias day.  We will hit a heart rate or core piece at the end of the day, but our focus will be on strength building.

Wednesday: Wednesdays will start with skill work that will be related to the workout of the day.  Then, we will focus on classic CrossFit style workouts that mix in a variety of movements. 

Thursday: We will work in a mix of oly and strength lifts that compliment our deadlift and bench days.  We will use Thursday as a day to focus on other strength or skill movements.  Will finish with a workout that involves those lifts.

Friday: We will focus on Strict pulling for four weeks.  After that, athletes can continue with strict work or take that into kipping work to try and find a new PR on pull ups or muscle ups.  The skill work every Friday will be biased to work on our body weight pulling strength.

Saturday: We will continue our partner workouts that have a mix of squats, Olympic lifts and endurance style movements.

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