CrossFit Games Season 2024

The 2024 CrossFit Games season dates have been announced! Two changes of note: the Open will start a little later than last year (Feb 29th) and the top 25% of competitors will not make it to quarterfinals. This means more folks will move on to the next stage should they choose to continue with the season. As always, we’ll be running the Open at the gym and hope to see a ton of you sign up and have more folks move on to quarters!

Important Dates:

Open Registration Begins – Jan. 9, 2024.

Workout 24.1 – Feb. 29-March 4

Workout 24.2 – March 7-11

Workout 24.3 – March 14-18

Quarterfinals are the second virtual stage of the 2024 CrossFit Games season when the pool of competitors is whittled down and top athletes from the Open and they are invited to continue their competition season alongside others from their gym and in the community. Individuals will complete a series of workouts at their affiliates during a six-day period — starting on a Wednesday morning and finishing on a Monday night — to determine who will advance to the Semifinals.

New: The Top 25% Advance to Quarterfinals

A larger pool of athletes will compete at Quarterfinals this year. The top 25% (formerly 10%) of individuals in each region will advance from the Open to the Individual Quarterfinal in 2024, inviting a larger cohort of the CrossFit community to continue their competition season.

Important Dates:

Quarterfinal Registration Begins – April 1, 2024

Individual Quarterfinal – April 17-22

For more info, check out THIS guide to the games.

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