With the CrossFit Open wrapping up just over a month ago, maybe you and most other athletes had some weaknesses exposed. Maybe you recognized a blind spot in your training. Or, maybe you have been aware of this skill or strength deficit for sometime but have had trouble dedicating time to getting better at that specific movement. Our next cycle, beginning the week of May 8th is designed to help!

Wednesday will be our dedicated weakness work day.  We will give a 20 minute time slot at the beginning of each class to work on your weakness. The coach will help guide you on ideas of how to improve, but your main goal is to work on that movement for the next 6-8 weeks. If your weakness is front squats then start week 1 by finding your 1 RM. Then, each week spend time working on front squats. If strength is your goal then start with sets of 6-8 and progress down each week. If your weakness is toes to bar or double unders, the cycle will look different. The coach can give you skill work and you can start to work on the movement each week in a different progression.  As an athlete, pick something you want to get better at. Something you want to spend more time on. Then, during the 20 minute skill piece make the best use of that time as possible by having the coach help guide you on different exercises.

What if my weakness is front squats and we front squat on Tuesday or Thursday? There are PLENTY of auxiliary movements we can throw in on your weakness day and it might not be a terrible idea to do the same movement twice in a row. That all depends on the movement and the athlete’s ability to recover. 

We have done this once before and it ended up being a fun way for people to hone in on specific skills and weaknesses.  Use us! The coaches are here to help! Put yourself out there, show up every Wednesday and work hard to improve your weakness!

For Fran and Annie we will work on skills and drills to improve these two workouts over the next 6-8 weeks then retest them at the end of the cycle.  Fran is composed of Thrusters and pull ups, but is also a very high heart rate workout.  Annie is a little more skill based as the double unders are a big part of the workout. Lets see what type of improvement we can make over the next two months!

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