Guide To Wednesday Weakness work

For our Wednesday programming we will develop 5 guideline tracks to help assist you in your weakness work! This will give you a foundation to work from each week. Feel free to change and adjust to fit your needs better.  We HIGHLY encourage you to hone in and pick one thing you want to get better at. Do not jump around during the 6-8 weeks.

The 5 tracks you will see in SugarWOD are:

  1. Strength (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press)
  2. Oly (clean/Snatch)
  3. Bodyweight/Double Unders (We are coupling these together.)
  4. Gymnastics
  5. Endurance

For Week 1 we will test in. An example of week 1 is below.


1 (Strength) and 2 (Oly) you would find a 1 rep, 2 rep or 3 rep max.  Take 20 minutes to warm up and find your max. 

– 3 (BW/Double Under) and 4 (Gymnastics)  you should take 5 minutes to find the max amount of doubles/pull ups/Toes to Bar or HSPU that you can get.  Your score will be total reps in 5 minutes.  (5 minute warm up, 5 minute test, 10 minutes of post skill work)

-5 (Endurance) it will be time.  We encourage you to find a test that fits into a 10-15 minutes window.  A 2k row would be a great example of that.

When we move onto week 2 the time domain for the weakness work will stay at 20 minutes. This 20 minutes will look different each athlete. The coach will start each day with a 10 minute general warm up then athletes will break out into their specific skill work. We will give ideas for each of the 5 tracks each week.

An example of Week 2:

  1. Strength (5/5/5/5/5 (70-75% of 1 RM same weight across)
  2. Oly (Lift off with a pause below the knee x2 then full lifts x2 – Every 2 minutes for 14 minutes start at 60% built to 70-75%)
  3. Double Under – 5 minutes of warm up/jumping work into a 14 min emom Min 1: max dubs  Min 2- :30 low plank
  4. Gymnastics- 5 minutes of warm up/prep. 14 minute emom. Min 1: 5-10 Reps of progression Min 2- :20-30 hollow hold
  5. Endurance work- 18 min EMOM Min 1: Hard Pace on Rower. Min 2: Easy Pace on Rower.

Take into account that this will be a skeleton or guide.  It is not written in stone and can be altered by you or the coach.  It is meant to be a jumping off point.  If you know you can not get into a handstand, but that is your goal the emom could be a few different options compared to someone who is working on getting more handstand push ups.

Come in with an open mind on WEAKNESS WORK DAY. Be ready to work and collaborate with the coach to set up a plan for success each week!

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