weakness cycle week 2

The first week of weakness work was a huge success! Great work on coming in and getting after it.  If you missed week one we highly recommend you take this week to test a weakness.  Below are a a few notes about the weakness cycles to help guide you through your training this week.

Gymnastics were a popular choice.  In the programming this week, we suggest a 14 minute emom. Min 1 being a progression in the movement and Min 2 being core work.  For the progression, you can go a few different ways.  If you have the full movement (handstand push up), then focus on quality reps of the full movement.  If you do not have the movement or only have one or two reps, use the coach to find a really good progression.  Maybe a negative or a lower to 90 and hold or a kick up and hold.  Something challenging that you can build from. 

For the strength work we will follow a similar progression that we do in class. We will start with higher reps and lower %.  For Oly we will start with more skill then add load.  We encourage you as an athlete to check in with the coach and possibly taylor the work towards your weakness.  Maybe the bottom position of the front squat is your weakest point.  Maybe the foot work on the snatch is a weak point.  You can follow the laid out progressions each week, but also sprinkle in some specific work to help you get better at your weakness.

Getting stronger and getting better at a skill is usually a boring processes.  When we program for the gym we focus on different rep schemes, loads, time domains and types of workouts.  Fun and progress go hand in hand.  However, if you really want to hone in on a weakness- skill, strength or endurance – you do not need 5 different ways to do a toes to bar.  You do not need fancy ideas and progressions for your back squat.  You just need to dedicate time, effort and energy each week.  Sometimes the most boring programs are the most successful ones because it puts the athlete in the full movement multiple times a week which enables the body to develop and build on that strength.

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